The app that keeps your family safe through smart security cameras.

HDSmartLife works with wifi cameras and professional IP cameras.


App Features

One click instant access to any of your cameras around the planet.

Supports Wifi / wired, indoor / outdoor professional IP camera models as well as baby car monitor and wireless doorbell.

HD Quality Live Steaming

View in HD or use lesser bandwidth with lower quality.

Multi Platform

HDSmartLife runs on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets and Windows PC.

Multi Camera View

View upto 4 cameras live at one time.

Push Notification Alarms

Get notified as soon as motion is detected with an instant notification, just like you would a whatsapp message.


Login with your credentials to prevent just anyone peeping into your cameras if they have your mobile device.

Motion and Sound Detection

With built in QR code scanning, Smartlink and Sound Binding options, your camera can connect to wifi and be viewed live in minutes from opening the box.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom

Digitally zoom into the live video upto 4x the original size. (Pinch to zoom)
*For Pan and Tilt models, you can remotely control its angle and create preset angle.
* Optical Zoom cameras can be controlled in or out from the app.

2 Way Audio

Speak and Hear with those around the camera remotely. Just like a walkie talkie.

Record and Playback

Records to SD card and Playback on the app from anywhere around the world.


Live View snapshots to capture those special moments.

Motion Detection

Get notified if movement is detected.


View in full quality or choose smoother imaging depending on your network.

Email / FTP

Get notified by Email or drop files to an FTP sever when motion is detected.

Multi Language

We love everyone

4 Channel Live View

View 4 cameras live at one time from your mobile device.

Windows PC CMS

View upto 64 cameras live placed anywhere around the world.
Record live streams to your windows PC.

Easy Setup, Instant Viewing

Start Camera

Scan QR Code

View Live

P2P Cloud Connectivity, hosted by Amazon

- Server Farm around the world
- Built in security
- Works through firewalls

No Port Forwarding
No DDNS to setup
No Static IP needed

Smart Wifi Camera



Micro SD Card

Mic and Speaker

Useful For

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